Crokinole Accessories

Game Pieces

$10.00 CDN – 24 pieces, two colours
$14.50 CDN – 24 pieces, two colours with drawstring bag

High quality crokinole discs. Available in eight colors, Black, Natural, Dark Blue, Bright Red, Forest Green, Yellow, Snow White and Powder (Baby) Blue finishes. To play crokinole you require a minimum 2 colors. A set consists of 24 game pieces. Choose any 2 colors and you will receive 12 pieces of each color you choose. These game pieces are made of solid maple wood. These game pieces are finished to the highest standards and measure 31.6mm (1 1/4″) dia. by 9.5mm (3/8″)thick. These same game pieces are used at the World Crokinole Championships.

Game Cues

Price: $25.00 CDN – set of four

A perfect accessory for increased accuracy and especially for people who no longer can flick a game piece with their finger due to stiffness in the joints. These cues are very true and are 18″ long with a rubber cap. Set of four.

Crokinole Rule Booklet

Price: $3.00 CDN or Free with the purchase of a crokinole board.
This small booklet contains two sets of crokinole rules: fun or serious, and championship.